Q: I get confused between the Green and Red dots. Which is which?

A: We have made it easy for you. Green = Given and Red = Received. 

Q: If I add an entry from any tab, does it appear in the timeline?

A: If you add an entry from any tab, it adds it everywhere. We made it convenient for you to add from the Timeline, Person, Date or Event. 

Q: Can I search for Names and Events from the same search bar?

A: Absolutely! You can search for names or events from the same search bar; simply start typing and it will display either the name or the event as you type. 

Q: When I am adding in an entry with a name/event I've entered previously, do I have to type it out again? 

A: No. There's an auto-complete function. Simply start typing the first letter and you will see matching results that you can select.

Q: I have been using this version on my iPad and notice it does not work as well as the iPhone 5; why is that?

A: We are working on an iPad specific version; you are currently using an expanded iPhone version on the iPad.  It will be out within the next few months. 

Q: Will I have to enter in all of my information on the iPad version again?

A:  No. There will be synchronising between the iPhone and iPad if you're using iCloud. 

Q: What is the difference between Envylope Basic and Pro?

A: Envylope Basic has a limitation of 5 entries, ads and one theme. This is to give users a feel of the functionality. Envylope Pro (offered as an In-App Purchase) removes the limitations, offering unlimited entries, no ads, 12 themes and the ability to send a PDF of entries.  

If you have any additional questions/queries, please feel free to contact us.