Envylope App is Now Free!

After quite a few requests from people to have a free version of Envylope, we decided to build one.  Envylope now is a FREE APP. However, upon downloading Envylope for free, users would be on Envylope Basic.  This has a limitation of 5 entries.  It is created as a free version for users to try, and if they like it, they can upgrade to Envylope Pro.  

Envylope Pro will be a one-off purchase.  This means any future update or features will be free for users once the app is bought. Also, only one purchase of Envylope is needed for it to run in all your devices.  If you buy it on your iPhone, your iPad version will be free, vice versa. 

All existing users will of course be upgraded to Envylope Pro, upon downloading our latest update.