Amit & Bandhna: The 1-year journey of Envylope

We had no prior knowledge of making apps which led us to ask ourselves how we were going to even start on this.  It was an extremely tough challenge we were about to undertake.  We had a vision of exactly what we wanted which made outsourcing our idea impossible.  Nobody can envision an idea the exact way another individual does.  I’d hate to admit it – but I can get extremely fussy if I know exactly what I want.   In addition,  Amit did not trust outsourcing, as he had an app idea once, which he outsourced, that unfortunately didn’t work out in his favour.   It lasted in the App Store for just a few months as the developer ran away with the idea and code. This strengthened our belief that we had to self-learn the required skills.  If other people are able to do it, why aren’t we?  It’s a question we kept asking ourselves each time we failed in our attempts.

Subsequently, Amit learnt iPhone programming in his spare time and I self-learnt graphic designing to implement the user interface.

Although, the journey was long and rather challenging we are very satisfied with the fact that we made it from scratch without external help.  The icing on the cake was having Envylope approved in the very first submission to Apple.  We honestly thought it would take 2-3 attempts at the very least before it being approved, as having no prior experience could definitely be an impeding factor.

The mere fact that we can see "Amit & Bandhna"  next to Envylope on the App Store brings a smile to our faces.  :)

We are further working on improvements and new features.  We hope users will love it as much as we do.  We appreciate any form of feedback or any suggestions users might have for future updates.