How Envylope App came about

How the Idea came about:
Prior to Envylope, I used to write all my personal envelope transactions in a notebook.  My husband found me amusing that I would sit with a notebook in this pen-less era. I’d record what I have recently given or received in events. For instance, how much I gave a friend for her wedding, a niece/nephew for a birthday, etc.  I also cross-referenced an Excel Sheet that stored the list of envelopes I received at my own wedding.  I would do this to ensure that I give the same as I received, or more, but not less.  In the past few years, a lot of my family and friends have been getting married so I needed to have a reference for myself.  In addition, the list can also be entertaining as it highlights how cheap some individuals are and little things in life humor me.  I received an empty envelope once with no name on it.  It was simply hilarious.
I love making lists - I stuck to writing everything, as I wasn’t a firm believer in technology.  However, this changed after one trip back to Singapore where I had forgotten my notebook in London.  It was pretty tragic at that time.  I’d hate to admit it, but it made me realize that it would be convenient to have this record stored on my iPhone.  The husband was right – technology makes life easier.  My notebook defeated me.  Who would have thought?  It was time to download Evernote like he suggested.  But somehow I rather have an app that specialized in the organization of money envelopes.  There was just a certain way in which I wanted it done.  I wasn’t willing to pay for an app that wasn’t exactly what I wanted either.  The miser in me agreed that a one-time payment of an efficient app would not kill me if it cost the same as a notebook.
Subsequently, I tried searching for an app that records transactions between friends and family using money-envelopes.  But there wasn’t any.  This sparked an idea in me.  We surprisingly saw a gap in the App Market.  That is when the idea of Envylope was born.