Using Envylope as a Money & Gift Organiser

Envylope makes it simple to have records of who you have given to, received from - at what event, when and the monetary value.

* Free to Download!

* Quick & Easy

* Chronological Timeline View

* Clear Indication of Received (Red Dot) & Given (Green Dot) Entries 

* Filter Entries By: Events/Date/Person

* Easily Select Different Currencies From the Custom Keyboard

* Auto-complete Feature of Previously Added Names & Events

* Add Optional Notes or Sub-Events to Entries

* Email Your Entire Summary of Received Cash/Gifts as a PDF

* Select Preferred Theme From a Wide Variety

* Available on iPhone and iPad

  Envylope is extremely useful for:

* Couples - Organising Money Envelopes and Gifts For Events E.g: Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Engagement, House-Warming & Wedding

* Parents - Keeping an Organised List of Kid’s Voucher/Cash Gifts for Birthdays, Christenings, Christmas & etc

* Socialites - Who Attend Numerous Events Where Gift-Giving Occurs

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